*sucking dick*

*tries to put their balls in my mouth*




don’t look at me like that




don’t look at me like that


"everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back"
— (via kxthleen)


Things that will make me fall for you:

  • singing around me, even if you’re not the best
  • talking about movies and books you love
  • telling me jokes, yes including the stupid ones
  • sharing your music with me
  • really talking to me…about your life and your future etc.
  • maybe liking me back?
  • yeah


"he likes girls too much to be gay"

wait hold on i have an idea

what if, no, hear me out, what if



The way working adults walk when going to work vs the way back home”

I… I don’t know, that vine reminded me of Adachi

"Once upon a time there was a princess kierstan that lived in a castle and she was like I like princesses and I like princes and it’s all good. She would spend all day in her castle making her own dresses. Then this one day this guy came to the castle and said “sick tats brah, wanna procreate?” And she was like “yeah!” Then she got pregnant and the man was like “douces!” And then a little while later she gave birth to a little boy. Then they were hanging out and hanging out, until one day a raven flew into her window and turned into this hot warrior with an amazing butt. And was like “hey babe, let’s get together.” Then kierstan was like “why don’t we both be queens?” And they lived happily ever after."
bibliophilejournal telling me a bedtime story.

Scott, you’re my brother.

"Should it matter what genre it is if the book is good?"
—  Colleen Hoover, Hopeless (via fallasleepreading)